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Just Announced!

The FarmaceuticalRX team is ecstatic to announce that we have been awarded a growing/processing license in Pennsylvania, and Ohio dispensary and processing licenses!


Our Mission is to bring Healthcare, Science & Innovation to the Medical Marijuana Sector. This Mission has already begun. We have established strategic partnerships and research relationships with leading academic centers, biotech partners, new drug researchers, health systems and nonprofit research organizations.


In our decades of experience in building a multitude of successful companies, a truly world-class team is the singular key indicator of success

FARMACEUTICALRX™ approaches the medical cannabis market from the healthcare and scientific perspectives of its founders and key executives, differentiating it in the industry. Our goal is to reduce suffering and death through the rigorous introduction of this new therapeutic class. To achieve this, our team consists of healthcare professionals, attorneys, scientists, physicians, pharmacists, nutrition experts, operations and retail specialists, security and IT professionals, and recognized cannabis industry leaders recruited from across the nation.