About Us

Cannabis lights our path to a compassionate and sustainable future which, in turn, guides our commitment to beyond organic cannabis cultivation and beyond bottom-line business practices. We believe profit only pays if it also serves our patients, communities, and planet. We promise to consistently strive to do better than yesterday for a brighter tomorrow—from our farm to your future.

Our People

Drive Our Success

Every member of our team has a crucial impact on the company's success. It is their passion, dedication, and expertise that has helped create a culture of innovation and going beyond to set and reach our lofty goals.

“A successful company doesn’t just happen. It requires a team of people stepping in, going above and beyond, and doing everything that needs to be done. Everyone is constantly pulling together to make incredible things happen, and our growth and success are phenomenal testaments to that.”

- Rebecca Myers / Founder & CEO

Team Member Spotlight

Danielle Connolly

VP of Processing

Danielle Connolly

VP of Processing

Danielle has been with FARMACEUTICALRX for over three years and was integral in building out our highly regarded Processing department to what it is today. Before joining FRX, Danielle had worked in about every aspect of Cannabis including Cultivation, Processing, Production & Post-Harvest, and Retail but ultimately found her calling making award-winning concentrates in Colorado.

Danielle brings a positive, result-driven mentality to FARMACEUTICALRX that is infectious with both her team and other departments alike. She is credited with launching an employee recognition program as well as being an advocate for mental health within the company, advocating for employee mental health days.