Meet the Team
A team of experts from diverse industries, blazing a new path backed by research and innovation in the medical marijuana industry.


A Meticulously Recruited Management Team of Top-Tier Executives

For nearly 10 years, Rebecca Myers, the Founder & CEO of FarmaceuticalRX, meticulously performed diligence on the company’s candidates for top-tier executives.

Mrs. Myers’ objective was to assemble a team of industry leaders – true masters of their craft. Upon receiving licenses in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the recruitment process began. While most of management formally became FRX team members in Fall of 2018, the team has been intimately planning the development of the company for several years. Innovation, perseverance, and transparency are qualities that are no stranger to the FRX team. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Our Executive & Management Team

The FARMACEUTICALRX™ team is comprised of a passionate team, working to produce the industry's highest-quality, organic medical marijuana in consistent manner.
Rebecca Myers
Founder & CEO
Dietrich Stephan, PhD
Chief Science Advisor
Kyle Morse
Chief Strategy Officer
Chris Marshall
VP of Operations
Lindsey Snyder, PhD
VP of R&D
Kaia Sipple
VP of Finance
Joe Jeffries, RPh
Pharmacy Director
Josh Rakes
Director of Compliance & IT
Jamie Hubbard
Director of Cultivation
Danielle Connolly
Director of Processing
James Scully
Director of Operations
Brandon Blake
Director of Post-Harvest Operations
Rikki Snair
Cultivation Manager
Kyle Ghaites
Veg Team Lead
Joe Krupa
Production Manager
Lee Worthington
Sales & Logistics Manager
Dr. Maxwell Bressman, MD
Medical Director
DeVante Spear
IT Manager
TJ Krol
Sales & Marketing Manager
Melena Dascoulias
HR Manager
Mossy Myers-Bochner
Director of Motivation and Wellness