Mindfully Acting

Beyond Organic

We grow premium craft cannabis using traditional organic methods. But at FARMACEUTICALRX, we are not satisfied with simply growing organically. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to go beyond organic by taking corporate responsibility in multiple ways. We take action to protect the planet through sustainability, lift our communities alongside us, and create meaningful jobs that lead to careers.

Sustainability Through


Research & Development

With 2,500 square feet of space in our Pennsylvania facility dedicated to Research & Development, FARMACEUTICALRX is continuously looking for innovative ways to increase sustainability. While we cannot do everything perfectly all the time, we know the way to improve is through consistent research and experimentation.

In addition to using our recycled “living soil” to both promote organic growth and reduce wasted resources, our world-class Research & Development team works to develop new ways of minimizing water usage and decreasing energy consumption. Experiments in LED lighting, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and new sustainable growing methods and materials are some of the ways our team puts into practice our commitment to advancement and sustainability.

Commitment to Our

Local Communities

Corporate Responsibility Through Local Action

We are very intentional about where we locate our grow/process facilities. In both Pennsylvania and Ohio, we chose areas that once thrived and relied on industries that have since dwindled, leaving a void in their wake. While we don’t purport to be saving towns, we like to think we are injecting some positivity through providing good-paying, meaningful jobs and by participating in local events, organizations, and community service. Additionally, every brand we create is tied to a cause to further our mission of promoting good through premium organic craft cannabis.

Premium Organic Craft Cannabis

Medical Research

Revolutionary Research

We constantly have several research studies underway— ranging from the effect of cannabinoids in the treatment of opioid addiction to lung cancer tumor cell remediation. FARMACEUTICALRX partners with leading scientific researchers around the country to perform these revolutionary research studies.

Research Partners

  • Research partnership working to develop natural products using research/discoveries from resources including Harvard Medical School, Brigham Women’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

  • To Be Announced

    Partnership with a university to advance research, education, and social equity in the medical marijuana sector.

  • To Be Announced

    Partnership with a renewable energy company to move toward powering our operations through solar and renewable energy.

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