Premium Chocolate

Our quality edibles begin with premium chocolate from one of America’s oldest chocolatiers, blended with organic ingredients. We meticulously temper the chocolate and infuse Delta-9 distillate for a smooth and glossy finish and a consistent experience every time.

Promoting Local Ohioans

Through Cannabis

With roots in Ohio, we wanted to highlight the amazing creative culture our state embodies.

For our first chocolate bar, we commissioned illustrator and hand-letterer, Alix Northrup. Our goal is to amplify the voices of local Ohioan artists and makers through Local Edibles.

Alix Northrup

ALIX NORTHRUP is an independent hand letterer, illustrator and designer based in Ohio. After more than 13 years as a graphic designer for a boutique studio, she left her career to focus more on hand lettering and illustration full-time. Her pieces tend to incorporate bold, colorful and energetic styles that often involve layered textures and intricate details. While she is inspired by all things vintage, she is also constantly exploring and experimenting with different letterforms, illustrative approaches and mediums.

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Alix Northrup

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