Innovative, Organic Growing Practices, Rooted in Biomimicry

Using an organic cultivation method referred as living soil cultivation, FARMACEUTICALRX™ creates an environment that closely mimics Mother Nature’s optimal, natural conditions to produce clean medical marijuana products with every harvest cycle.
Why Soil-based Cultivation Techniques Matter
"At scale, a large cultivation facility built around organic living soil-based growing techniques is difficult to build and maintain. It requires cultivation teams to be extremely vigilant, maintain rigorous IPM procedures, and it a much more labor-intensive cultivation method. In the end, the result is in a rich, truly premium product." - Rebecca Myers, CEO
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What is Living Soil?

Living soil is a cultivation technique that harnesses the power of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and earthworms to break down organic matter to make nutrients available for plant roots. At FARMACEUTICALRX, we brew a specific blend of organic, microbe-infused teas that are applied to the soil at various stages of a plant's lifecycle. These teas can include kelp meal, bat guano, and molasses - all coalescing with 1 goal: To feed the soil, not the plant. This technique allows the plants to selectively absorb the soil's nutrients in a natural way.
Redefining Premium

Premium: The catchall buzzword for medical marijuana companies around the globe. It's time to redefine premium. 
We believe that definition starts with FARMACEUTICALRX.

A meticulously-sourced strain library from around the world

From African landrace cultivars to n1 seeds from the hills of Humboldt County, we have amassed an impressive genetic library with endless possibilities.

Unique Cultivars

Each phenotype contains the potential to express undiscovered or lesser-known cannabinoids, terpenes, and other botanical compounds.   

Our Passionate Cultivation Leadership Team

The FARMACEUTICALRX™ cultivation team is comprised of a passionate team, working to produce the industry's highest-quality, organic medical marijuana in consistent manner.
Alex Stanish
Director of Horticulture
Kyle Ghiates
Cultivation Team Lead
Andrew Burger
Cultivation Team Lead
Josh Glass
Cultivation Team Lead
Nick Ezzo
Cultivation Team Lead
Transforming a Former Steel Manufacturing Building into a Highly Secured Medical Marijuana Facility
Since mid-September 2018, the former PPV building on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in Farrell, Pennsylvania has experienced a rapid transformation. Giant steel cranes still adorn the ceiling in an effort to preserve the history of the building. In December 2018, the first plants will begin to sprout. While the Farrell building will look like a familiar steel box, the building is being retrofitted with state of the art security equipment that would rival most casinos.

Because FarmaceuticalRX operates in a high-risk security environment, the company’s state of the art security program is designed to prioritize patient, employee and community safety; to prevent unauthorized entry; and to prevent and detect diversion, theft or loss of medical marijuana. With 24/7/365 staffed security personnel, coupled with constant communication with local and state law enforcement, the Farrell Campus will be a highly secure, safe environment for employees and the community.

Preserving a Piece of Pennsylvania Steel Manufacturing History

The image above is FARMACEUTICALRX™ Processing & Cultivation Campus in Farrell, PA, located in the former PPV steel manufacturing building. The 2 pictures below were taken before construction, and during construction.
Retrofitting a Former Commercial Pottery Manufacturing facility in Ohio
The image displayed above depicts the Processing & Cultivation Center in East Liverpool, Ohio, located in a former pottery manufacturing building on Harvey Avenue. The Images above were taken before construction.