Our Robust Strain Library
As genetics are crossed, we believe that indica, sativa, and hybrid designation makes it difficult for patients to distinguish among strains. To combat this, our team is committed to categorizing strains on desired, common effects.

A meticulously-sourced strain library from around the world

From African landrace cultivars to n1 seeds from the hills of Humboldt County, we have amassed an impressive genetic library with endless possibilities.

Unique Cultivars

Each phenotype contains the potential to express undiscovered or lesser-known cannabinoids, terpenes, and other botanical compounds. Each FARMACEUTICALRX strain is further categorized in one of five categories: Calm, Harmony, Inspire, Enhance, and Restore.

Seek Calm strains for deep physical relaxation. Calm's OG strains are multidimensional, when you seek relaxation and creativity. these strains tend to promote "couch-locked" feelings in some patients.

Chemmy Jones
Genetics: Casey Jones x Chem D
Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush
East Coast Sour Diesel
Genetics: 91 Chemdawg x DNL
Grape Kush
Genetics: Pre 98 Bubba x Romulan Grapefruit
Coal Creek Kush
Genetics: True OG
Genetics: Florida Kush
Genetics: Fire OG x The White
Genetics: Chems Sister x Sour Dub x Chocolate Diesel
Chem 91
Genetics: Grateful Dead Show
Pineapple Kush
Genetics: OG Kush x Pineapple
Harry's Kush
Genetics: Blissful Wizard x Fire Alien Kush
Banana Kush
Genetics: Ghost OG x Skunk Haze
Tahoe OG
Genetics: True OG
Chem 4
Genetics: "Indica" Chemdawg Pheno
Alien Napalm
Genetics: Tahoe Alien x Alien OG Backcross

Harmony's bright, friendly strains help you cruise through your day in a way that is both alert and relaxed.

Lucky Charms
Genetics: The White x Appalachia
Stardawg Guava
Genetics: Chem 4 Backcross
Wedding Cake
Genetics: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints
General Tso's Cookies
Genetics: Mandarin Cookies
Jordan 23
Genetics: Hawaiian Purple Trainwreck x Kush
Juicy Fruit
Genetics: Thai x Afghani
Strawberry Fields
Genetics: Strawberry Cough x Indica
Big Smooth
Genetics: OG Blueberry x Cookies and Cream
Arch Angel
Genetics: Nuken Backcross x Humboldt Blackberry x Kush
Cluster Funk
Genetics: Chem 91 VA x G13 Hashplant
Sunset Sherbet
Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties
Genetics: Sour Dub x Cherry Pie
Chunky Glory
Genetics: Chunky Diesel x Morning Glory

Inspire's soaring strains promote highly cerebral energetic effects for jamming, brainstorming, and inspired activity. These strains may promote anxiety in some patients.

Lucinda Williams
Genetics: Cindy 99 x Williams Wonder
Sour Joker
Genetics: Amnesia Haze x ECSD
Genetics: Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium

Enhance's sativas tend to produce clear-headed energy and vitality, providing focus without feeling heavy or sluggish.

Golden Goat
Genetics: Hawaiian Romulan x Island Sweet Skunk
Durban Haze
Genetics: Durban Poison x Haze
UK Cheese
Genetics: Skunk #1 Pheno
Genetics: Cali O x Skunk
Red-Headed Stranger
Genetics: Tom Hill's Haze x William's Wonder

Restore's high CBD strains soothe and calm, when you need relief, relaxation, or restoration of homeostasis.

Harlequin (2:1)
Genetics: Colombian Gold x Swiss Sativa x Thai
CannaTsu (20:1)
Genetics: Cannatonic x Sour Tsunami
HarleTsu (2:1)
Genetics: Harlequin x CannaTsu
Pure Love (2:1)
Genetics: LA Confidential x Pure Pakastani
Macro Video Library
To us, there is no better way to capture the beauty of each unique cultivar. 
Chem 91 // Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush
Chemmy Jones // Genetics: Chem D x Casey Jones
Coal Creek Kush // Genetics: MK Ultra x Chemdawg91
Crippy // Genetics: Florida OG
Durban Haze // Genetics: Durban Poison x NL x Haze
GG#4 // Genetics: Sour Diesel x Sour Dub x Chem's Sister x Chocolate Diesel
Harlequin // Genetics:  Descendant of Colombian Gold
Lucky Charms // Genetics: The White x Appalachia
Underdawg // Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush