PITTSBURGH, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — FARMACEUTICALRX, a therapeutics company focused on the medical marijuana sector with a multi-state operational platform, today announced that it has received full certification to operate its Grower/Processor operations in Pennsylvania.  FARMACEUTICALRX was awarded a Grower/Processor license last summer from the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Office as part of Round Two of the Medical Marijuana Program. FARMACEUTICALRX’s Grower/Processor facility, located in Farrell, PA, is a state-of-the-art facility designed to develop high-quality medical marijuana products for patients in Pennsylvania.  The Company commenced harvesting in August and projects that it will commence medical product sales in Pennsylvania in the coming weeks.

“We are excited to be the first Grower/Processor to be fully certified to operate in Pennsylvania in Round 2,” stated Rebecca Myers, Founder and CEO of FARMACEUTICALRX.  “Our living soil cultivation, extraction, and high-quality focused product development platform is growing rapidly and Pennsylvania is a core component of our multi-state operations.  We will differentiate ourselves in the market with our living soil style of cultivation, our development of high quality therapeutics that include our inhouse derived terpenes and with the development of our leading brands,” Myers commented.

FARMACEUTICALRX is the first Phase II Grower/Processor to be fully certified to operate in Pennsylvania.

FARMACEUTICALRX is focused on advancing the knowledge base around medical marijuana therapies. The Company’s formulation and branding engine is powered by multiple R&D relationships with premier academic centers held by its sister company. FARMACEUTICALRX is committed to offering the highest-quality products to patients in the Pennsylvania market.

ABOUT FARMACEUTICALRX.  FARMACEUTICALRX is a leading multi-state operator and therapeutics company focused on bringing innovations through research and development to the medical marijuana sector.  FARMACEUTICALRX has a vertically integrated multi-state operational platform.  FARMACEUTICALRX and its affiliated companies are licensed to offer high quality medical marijuana therapeutics to more than 26 million patients through its multi-state platform including Ohio and Pennsylvania.  FARMACEUTICALRX is led by a world-class team of scientists, healthcare and cannabis industry professionals who are driven by the discovery, development, and manufacturing of revolutionary, high quality products through its vertically integrated platform. Our innovation is your future health.  Learn more at www.farmaceuticalrx.com.

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