FARMACEUTICALRX of Ohio (“FARMACEUTICALRX” or the “Company”) announced today that it has passed inspections for compliance with the organic cultivation practices and standards of organic accreditor Certified Kind LLC (“Certified Kind”).  Certified Kind is one of the leading accreditation bodies that certifies organic cultivation practices in the cannabis industry.  Their standards align with those established for USDA Organic certification for food crops.  This achievement places FARMACEUTICALRX in a select group of fewer than 25 cannabis cultivators nationally who have met these rigorous organic standards.

FARMACEUTICALRX of Ohio’s Level 1 medical marijuana cultivation business is co-located with the Company’s medical marijuana processing facility in East Liverpool, Ohio, where the Company also operates its FRX Health dispensary. This milestone solidifies FARMACEUTICALRX’s rigorous commitment to sustainably produced medical cannabis.

“We are very proud to achieve Certified Kind status for our cultivation operations in Ohio,” stated Rebecca Myers, Founder and CEO of FARMACEUTICALRX.  “FARMACEUTICALRX has cultivated cannabis with organic, sustainable practices since the inception of our Company.  Committing ourselves to regular audits for compliance with Certified Kind standards ensures that we are accountable to our customers and to the core values of our Company. Passing these rigorous organic standards places us in a select group of growers in the US market,” Myers continued.  “We are now one of the largest producers of premium organically-cultivated medical marijuana products in the nation. This critical step positions us to continue to build our FARMACEUTICALRX brand together with our suite of sub-branded products and to prepare our business for the upcoming expansion in the Ohio market with the potential passage of an adult use program later this year,” Myers stated.

“Certified Kind follows the most stringent organic-cultivation standards we have found in cannabis,” stated Alex Stanish, VP of Cultivation for FARMACEUTICALRX. “This is why we chose to become Certified Kind. We want patients to have proof that they are choosing the safest, and most sustainably produced medicine in Ohio. Many cannabis companies produce organic flower:  we want to be one of the few companies in the cannabis industry that can certifiably back that claim,” Stanish continued.


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