News, Pennsylvania

Our Burst Product lineup is returning to dispensary shelves in Pennsylvania

We are excited to announce that our Burst brand products will now be returning to dispensary shelves to be sold to medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania. Following a successful legal action brought by The Medical Marijuana Access & Patient Safety, Inc. (MMAPS), a coalition of patients and the medical cannabis industry, a judge in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reversed the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s (DOH) statewide recall of these products.

Only our Burst product line was impacted by the recall of products containing botanically-derived terpenes in the form of vaporizer cartridges. All FARMACEUTICALRX Branded products contain only oil and terpenes derived from our premium organic craft cannabis grown in our living soil platform and were not impacted in any way by this recall.

Our BURST products have passed state mandated third party testing and contain only ingredients that are compliant with Act 16’s requirement that excipients be pharmaceutical grade or generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA.