We wanted to honor this time of year when the sun sets a little earlier and the farms are all covered in snow. As we head into December, we are happy to introduce our Pennsylvania patients to our Holiday 2022 RSO Collection.

Sunset Snowman
After a long winter’s day, this blend of our Sunset Sherbet & Clusterfunk may be best to assist you in a night of relaxation. When the sun has set, and you need a relaxing medicine to end the day with, this is an excellent go to blend. Hang your RSO in one of our warmers on the outside of your cocoa and it will be ready to go by time your cup is done!

Scrooge’s Stocking
This RSO is most likely better for you than a few lumps of coal. It combines two patient favorite strains, Tree Spirit & Coal Creek Kush. The result is a medicine that may provide a sense of calm, a bit of creativity, and some pain relief.

Elf Fondue
The Elf Fondue is a perfect pairing of Runtz and UK Cheese. If you are looking for a RSO that may leave you with clear-headed energy and vitality, you may want to give this Holiday 2022 RSO a try.

White Funkmas
Combining White Truffle & Clusterfunk, we have made a soothing and calming medicine that has been shown to help in chronic pain, insomnia, and nausea.

Christmas Charcuterie
By combining GMO & UK Cheese, we are offering a medicine made up of these two friendly strains that may keep you alert and relaxed to cruise through your day. This RSO is a great way to help deal with all the stress and anxiety of the holidays.

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