Our organic, living soil cultivation methods aid in the production of some of the most artisanal crafted live resin products you will find in the market. By mimicking the natural and organic environment that cannabis thrives best in, we can preserve all those lighter monoterpenes to create a clean, fresh, and flavorful live resin product for patients.

Our True Live Resin encapsulates all the natural flavor and essence of the cultivar. With each cultivar chosen specifically for its terpene profile, the products are produced from 100% cannabis, providing you with pure live resin extracts that are true to the chemical profile of the cultivar. These products are produced in small batches with quality in mind.

Fresh Frozen

Our plants selected for extracts are frozen immediately after harvest. This ensures that our True Live Resin products are fresh, preventing the breakdown or decay of terpenes. Once their time in the freezer is up, it is on to the extraction lab, where these plants will be turned into our True Live Resin extracts, True Live Resin cartridges, and other top- quality concentrates.

  1. Our process begins with high quality organic, Ohio grown cannabis plant material that is grown in living soil. The plants are harvested and cryogenically frozen within an hour of being harvested to preserve the natural terpene content.
  2. Cannabis is weighed into a micron sleeve in preparation for hydrocarbon extraction. Once extracted, the cannabis oil is collected and stored within a closed jar to utilize “head-space” pressure within to promote THCa crystallization and terpene separation.
  3. The terpenes are decanted from the THCa and both are purged separately to preserve terpenes and decarboxylate the THCa.
  4. Once the THCa has been decarboxylated, the oil and terpenes are mixed harmoniously into a homogenous batch to ensure consistency and quality.

We are excited to share these products and continue to make sure that our patients in Ohio get all the plant based medicine they deserve. We will be releasing more information soon so be sure to keep an eye on this space as well as give us a follow on Instagram at @farmaceuticalrx_oh

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