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Our Organic Cultivation Methods Aide In The Production Of Some Of The Most Artisanally Crafted Extracts You Will Find In The Market

We believe that our patients deserve the cleanest medicine possible. Our products are produced in small batches with quality in mind. Whether you're looking for True Live Resin extracts that capture the essence of the cannabis plant, or if you're on the hunt for distillate based products that are formulated for specific cannabinoid profiles, we've got you covered! We want every experience to be clean and pure while feeling like the ultimate boutique experience from product to product.


The Best Flower Makes The Best Extracts

We grow cannabis following traditional organic practices, striving to mimic Mother Nature whenever possible. By using and reusing our Living Soil, we take advantage of the millions of living, nutrient-cycling, beneficial bacteria and organisms. Therefore, we never need to add synthetic pesticides, fungicides, or additives to accelerate growth. We produce a premium product by feeding the soil home-brewed organic teas, giving the power to the plants to take what they need in order to thrive and fully express their cannabinoids and terpenes. When you start your extract with best-in-class flower, you get best-in-class extractions.

Trimming and Hand-manicuring Each Plant Makes All The Difference

We believe that part of what makes craft cannabis so special is that every step is crucial and is provided with the utmost care and respect. You can see and experience all the love and care that goes into our products every step along the way. From the way we harvest and prepare our flowers for extraction is no exception. That is why we personally hand-manicure each plant to protect those delicate trichomes and to provide the detail-oriented oversight each bud deserves, leaving a trichome-rich flower. During harvest, each cultivar is inspected and allocated to fresh frozen or our extensive dry hang and slow-cure process. This allocation is one a many critical steps in determining the final product. Our harvest team ensures that only the absolute best care is provided to our flower during these processes.

Fresh Frozen

Plant Material

Our plants selected for live resin extracts are frozen immediately after harvest. With the immediate preservation of our high-quality, organic plant material, we can preserve the chemical profile of the living plant and all of those valuable trichomes. The trichomes are the essence of the plant. It is where the vital cannabinoids and terpenes are located. By immediately freezing the plant material, those trichomes are preserved in their natural state, truest to the cultivar. This ensures that our True Live Resin products are fresh, preventing the breakdown or decay of terpenes. Changes in temperature, light, and humidity can cause these compounds to quickly change. Once their time in the freezer is up, it is on to the extraction lab, where these plants will be turned into our True Live Resin Cartridges and other top-quality True Live Resin Extracts.


Our True Live Resin Cartridges are 100% derived from cannabis. Our process begins with high-quality, organically grown cannabis plant material that is grown in living soil. The plants are harvested and frozen within an hour of being harvested to preserve the natural terpene content. Cannabis is then weighed into a micron sleeve in preparation for hydrocarbon extraction. Once extracted, the cannabis oil is collected and stored within a closed vessel to utilize the “headspace” pressure to promote THCa crystallization and terpene separation. Headspace is the unfilled space between the product in the jar and the lid. That unfilled space is actually “filled” with residual solvents that is causing pressure within the jar, this pressure is being forced down which is promoting a conducive environment for THCa crystallization. This causes the volatile terpenes to rise, creating a natural separation of the THCa and terpenes. The terpenes are decanted from the THCa and both a purged separately to remove any residual solvents, decarboxylate the THCa and to preserve terpenes. Once the THCa has been decarboxylated, the oil and terpenes are mixed harmoniously into a homogenous batch to ensure consistency and quality.


The final product is tested by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for quality and potency to ensure the product is ready for patients. From start to finish, our True Live Resin cartridges are entirely produced from 100% cannabis. There are NOT any additives, distillate oils, or third-party terpenes in our True Live Resin Cartridges.


Live Resin products in Pennsylvania:

Live Badder/Budder, Live Beach Sand, Live Sugar, Live Wax, Sauce, and True Live Resin Cartridges


Live Resin products Coming Soon in Ohio!!

Slow Cured


After each plant is hand-manicured, our premium flower is hang-dried in consistent drying conditions. After the initial hang-drying, our plants are manually destemmed. Once harvested, our premium flower is transferred to humidity-controlled cure tubes, which we gently tumble and “burp” multiple times a day. “Burping” is the process of allowing CO2 and moisture to escape from the sealed environment the flower is curing in. It is essential to curing potent, and flavorful buds. This slow cure process brings out rich terpenes that give our flower its delicious taste and aroma with a smooth finish. Once a proper cure is achieved, our premium organic craft flower is hand-manicured to preserve the delicate trichomes and sent for extraction to create a premium craft concentrate. Once the cannabinoids and terpenes have been removed from the plant material, the resulting oil can take a variety of forms and go on to make up our distillate, RSO, Shatter, Sugar, Waxes, and more.


Slow Cured products in PA:

RSO, Cured Budder, Cured Sugar, Cured Wax, Burst Cartridges, Distillate Cartridges, and Tinctures


Slow Cured products in Ohio Coming Soon!

What extraction methods do we use and why?

Cannabis concentrates are products created by the accumulation of trichomes, the gland where cannabinoids and terpenes are produced. There are a variety of methods to separate trichomes from the starting plant material. Each of these processes needs its own specific materials, physical actions, and methods to produce a cannabis concentrate. Depending on the starting plant material, we use either Hydrocarbon or Ethanol extraction methods to produce the cleanest and most consistent product we can make.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

This extraction method is capable of processing both Fresh Frozen and Slow Cured material. It is the most commonly used extraction method that produces a flavorful, and malleable extract that holds true to the chemical profile of the living, thriving plant, and provides the best results. Not to mention, Hydrocarbon solvents have been safely used in the food & beverage industry for over 50 years!

Our process starts with a 70/30 mixture of Butane and Propane. When these hydrocarbons are combined with the plant material, it strips all those desirable chemical compounds out of the plant material. One of the many advantages of this extraction method is it preserves the plants’ flavor, aroma, terpenes, and flavonoids. Another advantage of this method is its efficiency. Propane has a lower boiling point than Butane so it helps to speed up the recovery time to conduct an extraction run, while butane provides greater yields than propane alone. Hydrocarbons have a cycle time of only 45-60 minutes whereas your other methods, such as Supercritical CO2 extraction can take from 6-10 hours.

ETOH Extraction

Ethanol is very effective in separating oils from the plant material. Unlike other extraction methods, that can only dissolve oil-soluble chemicals, ethanol dissolves both water- and oil-soluble chemicals. Ethanol can also evaporate easily, which helps to produce a clean, pure extract without any traces of solvent in the finished product. It is one of the most scalable extraction methods due to its simple methodology and solvent properties. Ethanol extraction is also incredibly efficient. One of its advantages is it allows us to collect and reuse our solvents, leading to less waste which is great for our planet.

Our Processing Team

Aside from the clean, organically grown flower we start with, the most significant factor that makes our products stand out is our Processing Team! Their attention to detail, scrutiny of products, and unending drive to produce the best extracts are what motivates them. We are a team of cannabis connoisseurs that are obsessed with every detail. They personally inspect every batch for the right consistency, color, and smell. And if something doesn’t seem right, products will undergo further refinement through distillation to bring patients clean medicine that is rated best of the best – which is the standard from seed to sale at FARMACEUTICALRX!

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