A History of Producing Consistent Medicine
From live resin concentrates to delta-8 THC cartridges, the FARMACEUTICALRX™ processing team is formulating products with the goal to allow patients to achieve condition-specific relief.
Product Categories
Our 6 product categories are designed to improve patient experience and intended effects.
Seek Calm strains for deep physical relaxation. Calm's OG strains are multidimensional, when you seek relaxation and creativity. these strains tend to promote "couch-locked" feelings in some patients.
Harmony's bright, friendly strains help you cruise through your day in a way that is both alert and relaxed.
Inspire's soaring sativas promote highly cerebral energetic effects for jamming, brainstorming, and inspired activity. These strains may promote anxiety in some patients.
Enhance's Landrace sativas tend to produce clear-headed energy and vitality, providing focus without feeling heavy or sluggish.
Restore's high CBD strains soothe and calm, when you need relief, relaxation, or restoration of homeostasis.
Select products are largely distillate-based products, and are formulated for specific ratios of cannabinoids, terpenes, or other botanical compounds.
Mindfully Created, Premium Products
Mindfully Created, Premium Products
Slow-cured with care, hand-trimmed with precision
A proper hang dry in 70˚ F temperatures at 60% humidity is one secret to the consistency patients experience when trying our hand-trimmed flower. Environmental conditions during the growing cycle are extremely important; however, a stable, proper environment during the drying process is imperative. 
Mini flower, also referred as popcorn flower, is the result of certain phenotypes producing variable sizes of bud. Density and genetic variability are the two contributing factors for creating mini flower. While the bud structure of mini flower is smaller in appearance, it still maintains the quality and effects of its larger predecessor. 
Live resin that is Butane-extracted from freshly harvested, flash-frozen plant material
Live Resin Sugars are created from extracting oils and lipids from plant material that was flash-frozen immediately after harvest. The sugar nomenclature describes the sticky & crystalline consistency of the concentrate. Live resin sugars are best consumed by vaporization at variable temperatures, depending upon the terpene content of the genetics.
Live Resin Wax, like sugars, are created from flash-frozen plant material. However waxes, also referred as wax crumbles, have a waxier consistency, and are not as sticky to the touch. Waxes typically contain a creamier texture compared to sugars. These concentrates are also best consumed by vaporization at variable temperatures.
Live Resin Budders, often referred as the cream of the crop for live resin concentrate consistency, are smooth and silky concentrates. Making live resin budder is largely strain-specific, and the consistency is created by following a sophisticated process, and whipping the product to create a smooth, silk-like consistency. 
Superior quality live resin and distillate-based vaporizer cartridges
Live Resin Cartridges, like live resin concentrates, are created from flash-frozen plant material. Live resin cartridges are a highly coveted product because it can take a significant amount of time to create a proper live resin cartridge. With correct processes, equipment and formulations (like ours), the final product is a flavor-filled cartridge that truly captures the essence of the plant.
Live resin cartridges are created by using heat, pressure, and time to allow cannabinoids to fully crystallize (aka crash) and naturally separate from the terpene layer. The timeframe of the crystallization process is strain dependent, and could take months; however, the highly coveted final product is well worth the wait. 
Distillate cartridges, without terpenes or flavoring, can be a cannabinoid-rich cartridge that provide desired effects. For example, in its purest form, delta-9 THC distillate is relatively clear. Unfortunately, depending upon the vaporizer, a purely delta-9 THC, clear distillate maintains an after taste can be unappealing to patients.
At FARMACEUTICALRX, our processing team developed a unique process to separate (or fraction) clear terpenes from our plant material. These clear terpenes can be reintroduced to a distillate oil cartridge batch, and the result is a flavor-filled, terpene-rich, clear cartridge.
Live Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC distillate cartridges are just that - distillate cartridges, flavored with live terpenes that are purged off specific strains during the live resin process. When creating live resin products, terpenes and lipids separate from a cannabinoid layer. These terpenes and lipids can be purged (aka poured off) and subsequently used to add terpenes to other product lines (like distillate cartridges). This results in a familiar, flavor-filled distillate cartridge that not only captures the flavor of live resin cartridges, but it also:
  • Allows patients to experience the entourage effect by administering live terpenes and targeted cannabinoids (and)
  • It maintains the benefits of distillate-based products: the ability to create precise, consistent ratios of cannabinoid therapies.
Potent, Full-Spectrum RSO's derived from high quality kief & trim, and MCT tinctures, formulated for select cannabinoid content
FARMACEUTICALRX RSO products are strain-specific, and is formulated to fit within one of our 5 unique categories: Calm, Harmony, Inspire, Enhance, and Restore. Our RSO is derived from cannabinoid-rich dry flower material - a combination of kief, sweet leaf, and other useful plant material. This starting material results in a potent, strain-specific, and extremely beneficial final product for patients.
Offered in delta-8, delta-9, high THC, and high-CBD formulations, all FARMACEUTICALRX tinctures are formulated with organic MCT oil. Tinctures as an administration method are ideal for more precise dosing requirements, as FARMACEUTICALRX tinctures are designed to meet precise formulations for select cannabinoids: hence the Select category.
Ice Water Extracted Solventless
Under development
Quality Brands, Developed from Organic Medical Marijuana
Two brands, designed to aid specific experiences
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FARMACEUTICALRX produces the highest quality flower, live resin concentrates, and distillate products. This is because all FARMACEUTICALRX products are created from organic, living-soil grown medical marijuana plant material.

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Burst of Wellness by FARMACEUTICALRX offers unique-tasting products that contain terpenes derived from organic, botanical sources. All third-party terpenes are solvent-free, blended or natural, and are created from plants.