Research & Innovation is Central to our Mission

We are advancing the medical marijuana industry through research & innovation.
We are a Team Driven by Innovation
At our core, we are a team that is driven by innovation – the idea that we could discover a revolutionary treatment that could improve thousands, or even millions, of lives around the world.
With several research studies underway, ranging from the effect cannabinoid in the treatment of opioid addiction to lung cancer tumor cell remediation. Our world-class research and development team will work with various in-house and third-party researchers to perform these revolutionary research studies.
Interested in our R&D Progress?
In the coming months, the FARMACEUTICALRX R&D team will be releasing blogs and updates relating to various studies that are underway. These studies range from the efficacy of minor cannabinoids on patients, to delta-8 THC patient studies.

As the company expands, and product offerings become more diverse, the R&D team will be undertaking a plethora of condition-specific studies.
Premier Academic & Medical Partnerships

Delta-8 THC Patient Studies

Effects of Oil Aging in Cartridges

Re-hydrating Cured Flower, and Impacts on Terpene Levels

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We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results.

    Our Research & Development Team

    A team deeply experienced in drug discovery and the pharmaceutical industry, transitioning into formulating therapies with medical marijuana.
    Dr. Dietrich Stephan, PhD
    Chief Science Advisor
    Dr. Maxwell Bressman, MD
    Medical Director