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The Story of Our Flower

FARMACEUTICALRX grows cannabis following traditional organic practices, striving to mimic Mother Nature whenever possible. By using and reusing our Living Soil, we take advantage of the millions of living, nutrient-cycling, beneficial bacteria and organisms so we never need to add synthetic pesticides, fungicides, or additives to accelerate growth. We produce a premium product by feeding the soil home-brewed organic teas, giving the power to the plants to take what they need in order to thrive and fully express their cannabinoids and terpenes.

We begin with cuttings, propagated via organic techniques

Our plants are hand-watered with specially brewed organic teas, crafted with natural ingredients like molasses and kelp.

As our plants mature, they are joined in communal troughs. Allowing plants to share a grow environment encourages communication and nutrient sharing among them.

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The FarmaceuticalRX Way

We obsessively monitor conditions, including humidity, air flow, temperature, light intensity, CO2, and soil nutrient levels.

While they flower, we care for all of our plants by hand, resulting in large, beautiful flowers, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.


After their flowering cycle, it’s harvest time. We carefully hand-harvest and hand-trim each plant, to protect delicate trichomes, leaving a trichome-rich flower.

At this point, the path splits depending on our final output. Plant matter that is going to be sold as flower will go into the Slow Cure; while that which is slated for Live Resin and concentrates go into the freezer.

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Our flower is then hang-dried in consistent drying conditions. After hang drying, our plants are delicately destemmed by hand.

Once harvested, our flower is transferred to humidity-controlled curing barrels which we gently tumble and "burp" multiple times a day. This slow cure process brings out rich terpenes that give our flower its delicious taste and aroma and a smooth finish.

We hand-trim our premium organic craft flower, never leaving it up to automation, to preserve the delicate trichomes and create a premium craft experience that our patients can taste.

Before our flower is packaged, our teams conduct multiple quality assurance and control checks, inspecting each flower for density, moisture, trichome distribution, and overall quality.