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East Liverpool Dispensary Product Offering

What will the product offering be like in the East Liverpool Dispensary?

Transcript of Rebecca Myers’ Q&A interview: “There will probably be some overlap throughout the state because the product source will be similar throughout the state, so there will be some commonality from dispensary to dispensary. Flower is allowed in Ohio, edibles are allowed, pills, ointments, creams, oils, vape pens, and so that will be our standard [product offering]. All of those products will be offered with different formulations – different combinations of different cannabinoids. THC ∆9, [THC ∆8], which has sort of the same medicinal affect as THC 9 but not as much of a hallucinogenic affect on the body. CBD, CBN, different cannabinoids for different medical conditions. So, we’ll be driving a lot of those cannabinoid combinations with our suppliers because we have pharmacists, pharmacologists and doctors working with us that know what combinations are showing efficacy for different conditions. And so, we’re going to challenging our suppliers to produce sometimes individualized medicine for certain patients. Patients with immune-compromised conditions may need products that are not currently be offered. It’s important that those patients to get what they need. [This means] sometimes we will be completely unique, and other times, there will be some crossover.”