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What is the job outlook like in the East Liverpool dispensary?

Transcript of Rebecca Myers’ Q&A interview: “So this is wonderful because, first of all, welcome! Welcome to everybody in the East Liverpool area. We’re really looking forward to meeting you, we’re interested in meeting you and considering you. We will be hiring 1 to 3 pharmacists, based on volume. We’ve already had 2 or 3 interviews with one particular candidate in the area who is licensed in Ohio and Pennsylvania, so we may have our first pharmacists lined up.

We’re going to be hiring pharmacy techs, healthcare practitioners that can be cross-trained in medical marijuana. We have a training program we will be rolling out to those folks. We’ll be hiring security personnel, customer service techs, and facility and maintenance type help as well. And depending on if we get another license, we will be also hiring transport folks. So, lots of opportunities. If the business gets busy, we could have 15, 16 employees at this dispensary.”