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FarmaceuticalRX & Medical Marijuana Stigma

How will FRX handle the stigma that surrounds this industry?

Transcript of Rebecca Myers’ Q&A interview: “This entire industry, the biggest challenge is stigma. And stigma is not limited to medical marijuana. Stigma exists across our cultural boundaries, our daily lives, our families, handicaps – all kinds of things in life have stigmas. So, this is not new to that. It’s not new to the members of our team. Many of us, like everyone else in the world, have fought through these and learned to adjust in life to this. So, I would say that adoption rates for physician rates for physician prescribing will probably be a challenge in Ohio. People thought that would be a challenge in Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania market is expanding and growing like crazy. Ohio might very well might surprise us with that. We’re developing educational programs for physicians, educational seminars for not only patients, but for physicians. We’ll be going out to practice groups, hospital systems locally, and really kind of bringing information. [sic] Most physicians did not learn about the endocannabinoid system in the human body as part of medical school. [sic] It’s just new information.

It’s our obligation to help with that educational process. So, that’s actually exciting! We have some folks who have been doing that their whole career in a lot of different areas with traditional therapies, and we’re just bringing that to medical marijuana.”