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Who is FarmaceuticalRX?

What will the product offering be like in the East Liverpool Dispensary?

Transcript of Rebecca Myers’ Q&A interview: “The best way to look at our company is that we’re really a drug development company. We are a team of researchers, a team of chemists, a team of geneticists, a team of healthcare professionals that have biotech drug development research experience. So, we’ve taken that core capability which is really unique in this industry, and combined it with some of the best folks in the medical marijuana industry, nationally. So, we’re a drug development company that’s focusing on the development of cannabinoid therapies. So our model, which is really interesting, is to [sic] [operate] a core medical marijuana business. Bringing reproducibility and standardization to products in this space, which doesn’t really exist today. And taking the money we earn from this fast growing business, and reinvesting in the communities where we work, and reinventing in biotech innovative research opportunities. We’re pairing up with premier academic centers, medical centers, non profits to do this kind of research work. It’s potentially life changing for patients around the world, and it’s also great for the communities we’re in and our investors. It’s a unique model, and it makes tons of sense, but our drug development capabilities are really different in this industry.”